The offices are in Jackson, NJ, and Charles Town, West Virginia. The staff consists of: Ellen May, Executive Director; Gina Mazzie-Kownacky Foliage Purchasing Director; and Linda Kling, Financial Manager. There are 18 intra-corporate Committees to share experiences and work on vendor programs.

Today, working on the fourth Strategic Plan, ECGC is owned by twelve of the leading companies in the US garden center industry. They are all multi-generational privately owned and operated companies from Boston, Massachusetts to Seattle, Washington. There are 108 retail outlets, seven growing locations, landscape design build operations and offer product from annuals to casual furniture.

ECGC Location Map

ECGC is an alliance of leading independent garden centers for the exchange of information and ideas and a joining of our resources to increase profitability, inspire constant improvement and foster the highest professional standards in order to serve our customers and our community.

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